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Workers in the formal sector in Ghana face a number of challenges while in employment. Some of these challenges include the following below:

  • High rates of interest on loans from the banks and other financial institutions.
  • Inadequate support for some complicated health challenges.
  • Inadequate support for some higher educational programmes.
  • No or inadequate support from their labour unions or associations.
  • No or inadequate support for newly trained teachers and nurses.

Workers Fund is a membership organization established to provide welfare services to workers in the formal sector mainly to respond to their challenges stated above.

The organization has therefore been carefully crafted and organized to provide them with loans and other financial support to cater for their wellbeing.

The organization’s services are sound, safe and second to none.

Workers Fund was conceptualized and established by Malcolm Selase Asamoah.



To become the largest and most preferred welfare organization in Ghana.


To provide workers in the formal sector with cutting-edge welfare services.


Live support

Available Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM