Fees & Dues

Membership Dues 1

A person who wishes to apply for membership of the organization will be required to pay a fee of GH¢ 50 to the organization to cover his admission.

He will also be required to pay monthly dues to the organization.  

An applicant’s admission fee will be deducted from his monthly dues to the organization.

The minimum and maximum amounts a member can pay as dues to the organization per month ranges from GH¢ 35 to GH¢ 100.

Please note that, you will not be entitled to any assistance from the organization until you have paid your dues for a minimum consecutive period of 6 months.

Payment of a member’s monthly dues to the organization can be made by:

  1. Payroll deduction (mandatory for all government workers).
  2. Direct debit/standing order (for workers in the private sector).

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