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Refer a Worker PageAll members are encouraged to refer and help their friends and colleagues to join the organization. Apart from given them a unique opportunity to get financial assistance for their needs at zero interest rate, you will also be contributing to the growth of the organization.

It is very important for members to note that, the effectiveness of the organization largely depend on the size of the membership. That is to say that, the more the number of members, the better the organization will be well placed to support their needs.

When you refer or help someone to join the organization, you will receive a fee or cash reward.

Referral benefit: 1 new member = GH¢ 30.


How to refer and help register a friend or co-worker

  1. Talk to them about the organization.
  2. Show them the member benefits page on our website or leaflet. Explain to them how much the organization can provide them.
  3. When they are convinced, help them to complete our online membership application form or call the organization for assistance.
  4. When they are not convinced or undecided, invite them to participate in Workers Fund meetings, events and more to provide essential information to help them make a decision.
  5. Give the organization your stamp of approval at all times. Your personal endorsement is critical.
  6. Follow up. Check in with your referrals after one week, to see if they’ve wisely joined the organization!

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