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Customarily, dues or contributions paid to welfare schemes are not refundable. That’s why most welfare schemes do not refund their members’ dues to them when they withdraw or cease to be part of such schemes.

What some of these welfare schemes do, most often, is to provide gifts or organize some form of a sendoff party for them. In some cases, some of these schemes do not even provide anything for their members when they cease to be part.

What makes Workers Fund unique and different from most of these other welfare schemes is that, persons who cease to be members of the organization will be provided with a cessation package. Our cessation package to a member will be made up of a 70% refund of the member’s dues to the organization.

However, a cessation package to a member will only be provided if that member has been a member of the organization for at least a period of one (1) year, given at least ninety (90) days’ notice to the organization of his intent to withdraw, settled all debts of his and ceased to be a guarantor for any loan. 

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