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New Employee SupportNewly employed workers mostly in the government sector experience various degrees of financial difficulties while preparing for and relocating to their respective places of work or posting. They mostly rely on their families and friends for help during these times.

Securing such help from your family and friends at times may turn out to be very difficult. Turning to the banks and other financial institutions for help might not be possible as well. This may be due to your credit unworthiness. This situation may get you depressed and frustrated.  

The good news is, under our New Employee Support arrangement, you can get financial assistance from the organization while you prepare for and relocate to your respective place of work or posting. Financial support under this arrangement can be used to cater for your transportation, purchase of personal effects, rent and living expenses.

It is therefore important to note that, you will be required to pay back all monies advanced to you once you start receiving your salary. 

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